Top 5 Playwright Alternatives | Which One is Right For You?

May 8, 2024Adhithi
Playwright Alternatives

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If you’ve been disconcerted by Playwright’s performance, it’s time to choose a Playwright alternative that will provide top-notch service and improve your web applications. Luckily, we’ve sorted it out for you!

We’ve discovered some of the best Playwright alternatives that will completely change your browser automation game.

What is the Playwright Tool?

Playwright, developed by Microsoft, is an open-source test automation framework for end-to-end testing of web applications. It supports popular programming languages like Java, .NET, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript. You can also use this framework to test mobile web applications.

Playwright is cross-browser compatible and works on all popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It also works on every platform, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Why Consider a Playwright Alternative?

Playwright is a great tool for browser automation, but it might not be suitable for everyone due to the following limitations,

  • Playwright lets you automate only web based applications, so if you’re looking to automate mobile and desktop applications, then Playwright isn’t your tool. You will have to look for Playwright alternatives. 

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When scraping multiple web pages, Playwright faces speed challenges.

It is a code-based framework, so it is not suitable for teams looking for low/no-code solutions.

It is expensive to scale up as it consumes more time and resources.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting Playwright Alternative

Some of the factors to look into when selecting alternatives to Playwright are as follows,

Faster Testing: Make sure the tool is capable of making your test creation and execution process faster. 

Unified Test Platform: Instead of using different tools to test different AUT, use a unified platform that allows you to automate all these tests in one place.

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Scalability: Use a tool that allows you to expand your automated tests as the application grows.

Low-code support: Low/no-code tools are changing the way testing is done by making it accessible for technical and non-technical users. Some tools like Testsigma provide both scriptless and script-based testing in one platform.

Extended Support: Open-source tools only provide community support. It is best to opt for tools like Testsigma that provide 24×7 technical support via chat, call, email, and community, so you don’t have to wait for someone to respond to your query.

The node library called Playwright has been popular among web developers for quite some time because of its incredible test automation features. This software testing platform allows testers to comprehensively test websites and modern browsers using a single API.

Playwright is capable of supporting multiple languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, etc. It does a great job at conducting test automation on Chromium, Firefox browsers and Webkit. Playwright also comes with the ability to intercept network requests and deflect network activity – which is quite amazing.

Users also liked the simple installation and seamless integration of this open-source tool. Capturing screenshots and video recordings is a very interesting experience with Playwright.

Evaluation of browser context, supporting custom selector engines or CSS selector, ensuring auto wait, emulation of mobile devices, and uploading files are other remarkable features of this tool.

Despite excelling at test automation and achieving incredible browser testing with a single API, this node library still has few loose ends. Playwright can patch Firefox and Webkit layout engines and also has limited browser version support.

There is also no support for IE11, which makes it impossible to work with non-browser platforms. It also shows conjectural support for Android automation including Chrome for Android and Android Webview. This is also a downside for software testers who like exploring mobile testing.

Playwright can provide text execution and development of browser context for every test, but its limited support for Android and web browsers are difficult to overcome. So, you need some alternatives that will perform the same functions like Playwright but will show competence in web and mobile testing, automation and test management.

Top 5 Playwright Alternatives – Table Comparison

Application Under TestWeb, Mobile, Desktop, Mobile Web, APIWebWebWebWeb and mobile
Learning curveLessHighHighHighMedium
Ease of useVery easy to create, execute, and maintain tests. No coding skills requiredRequires strong coding skills Requires strong coding skillsRequires strong coding skillsRequires coding skills
Product support24×7 chat, phone,  email, communityCommunityCommunityCommunityChat and email
Low-code supportYesNoNoNoPartial support
Language supportJavaNode.jsJavaScriptJava, JavaScript, Python, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Perl, C#,Execute tests created in Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer, Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, Flutter and Detox
Cross-browser supportYesYesYesYesYes

5 Best Test Automation Platforms that You Can Try Instead of Playwright

We know how stressful it is to pick a platform that will meet all your requirements and help you improve your web application in a perfect way. Check out these 5 amazing alternatives to Playwright – 

1. Testsigma

Graphical user interface, website  Description automatically generated

If you’re looking for a competent substitute for Playwright, Testsigma is a great option.

This automation tool has been receiving a lot of love because of its capability to run tests smoothly and effectively.

Equipped with a bunch of amazing features like codeless automation, managing mobile applications and web browsers – this is definitely an excellent alternative for Playwright.

Besides, this tool can reduce the time frame between the execution and release of a test code. With such a feature, TestSigma provides faster automation compared to other platforms.

Playwright vs TestSigma – Which One Is Better?

Testsigma is definitely an amazing option as an alternative to Playwright, and there are many reasons for it.

Playwright cannot be used by developers or testers with limited coding knowledge because it requires NPM installation. So, some coding knowledge is necessary for working with Playwright.

However, TestSigma has been designed in such a way that coders with simple HTML knowledge can work with it. Even non-technical team members can work with TestSigma, so the target audience is definitely bigger in comparison to Playwright.

TestSigma can be used for running tests on mobile web browsers and native mobile apps. However, this is not possible with Playwright. TestSigma also does not require any infrastructure for cross-browser testing, which is an absolute for Playwright.

Besides, TestSigma is a cloud-based solution, and it provides 24/7 support, which is not possible with Playwright.

With so many benefits, TestSigma is definitely an excellent substitute for Playwright.

  • Our Experience

TestSigma has a lot of impressive features when it comes to testing purposes. We liked the suggestion engine that comes with this tool.

The engine is definitely a great feature for combatting bugs. We also liked the fact that it can run tests on all web, mobile, iOS, and Android apps effortlessly. Its integration with different CI/CD tools is also one of the best features of this automation platform.

  • Verdict

TestSigma is definitely one of the best Playwright alternatives, thanks to its efficiency in executing and managing tests through different supported browsers.

2. Puppeteer

Playwright Alternative - Puppeteer

Puppeteer is one of the most popular tools in the Control Headless Chrome category out there. It is basically a Node library that offers a high-level API to automate browsers like Chrome or Chromium.

There are so many things you can achieve using Puppeteer, starting from PDF generation, screenshots, keyboard input, UI testing, intercepting network requests, and so on.

It is very easy to set up and comes with good documentation. This tool uses the Chrome Devtools as a debugger protocol, which is definitely a big plus point for developers and coders. With this kind of protocol in Puppeteer, performing clicks and simulating user actions has been much easier.

Puppeteer vs Playwright – Which One Is Better?

Puppeteer is a great substitute for Playwright. 

Most developers and coders face the issue of patching browsers with Playwright. Luckily, with Puppeteer, you won’t face this issue. Besides, Puppeteer ensures the installation of a compatible version of Chrome or Chromium.

This is a great advantage for developers who want to avoid getting updates on their browser and interrupting the action of Puppeteer.

Playwright users have also faced trouble with documentation. If documentation is of utmost importance to you, choosing Puppeteer is going to be the best decision of your life. Puppeteer aims at executing the test with high-level API, which is definitely a better option than opting for Playwright.

  • Our Experience

We had an amazing experience with Puppeteer, thanks to its brilliant features. This tool excels at screenshot testing and performance testing. We were highly impressed with the web scraping and easy PDF generation facilities of this tool.

Another smart feature of this tool is its ability to provide direct access to CDP, which makes automation much easier. 

  • Verdict

If you’re looking for an efficient automation tool with new architecture and smart features for improving your operating systems, we highly recommend going for Puppeteer.

3. Cypress

Playwright Alternative - Cypress

Cypress is open-source testing software that conducts end-to-end testing. Despite lacking the support of multiple tabs, this tool still excels at providing great documentation.

Besides, it comes with outstanding debugging capability, making it a highly reliable tool for conducting tests. The full access to developer tools in Chrome allows complete recording of the clicks.

You don’t have to manually trigger the browsers to run tests, as there is an automatic trigger feature present in the tool. The tests are coded in JavaScript and do not demand any appropriate checks.

Playwright vs Cypress – Which One Is Better?

Both Playwright and Cypress have great features when it comes to automation. Let’s see how they differ.

You can obtain excellent documentation with Cypress, which is not possible with Playwright. There is no issue with browser patches like Chromium, Firefox with Cypress. However, Playwright has shown no improvement in getting rid of the browser patches.

Moreover, Cypress comes with a plug-and-play approach, making it an easier tool for rising developers or testers who want something effortless.

  • Our Experience

Our experience with Cypress was quite interesting. Some of the features of Cypress truly impressed us. One such feature was the addition of a screenshot capture during the test execution.

This feature is definitely a savior for test debugging. We also liked interactive test automation that worked with Test Runner since it made debugging much easier. The JavaScript writing, automatic trigger to run a test, etc., are other remarkable features that we liked.

  • Verdict

Overall, Cypress is an excellent automation tool that executes tests at a quicker pace. It is a very reliable tool for conducting and debugging your tests.

4. Selenium

Playwright Alternative - Selenium

Selenium is one of the leading automation platforms out there. The reason why it has gained so much recognition is because of its ability to conduct seamless automated testing through a huge range of browsers.

It is built with a single interface that allows developers and testers to conduct testing using Java, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, etc.

Besides, Selenium is the most popular framework designed to test multiple browsers and device combinations. It uses an HTTP server, the ChromeDriver, that is responsible for the actual automation. Selenium also has a lot of grid options, which makes it a very reliable tool.

Playwright vs Selenium – How Are They Different?

Comparatively, Selenium is a better choice than Playwright. 

Selenium tests both browser and mobile applications, which is not possible with Playwright. Playwright supports a few languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, while Selenium supports a wide range of languages, including JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, Ruby, Perl, PHP, etc.

Playwright can support limited test runner frameworks like Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, whereas Selenium reaches out to support Protractor and WebDriverIO. The WebDriverIO is a custom test application of Selenium Webdriver API.

Moreover, Playwright is built with a headless Chrome architecture, while the Selenium tool comes with layered architecture derived from JSON wire protocol.

  • Our Experience

Selenium has a lot of smart features to offer. We liked its integration with Devtools protocol and its ability to support real device clouds and its different versions.

An impressive feature of Selenium is its provision of commercial support to all of its test users through a sponsorship in the Selenium Ecosystem. This is one of the strongest community acts we’ve seen from an automation platform.

  • Verdict

Selenium is one of the best Playwright alternatives out there for developers, coders, and software testers. Its versatility and easy usage can help many development teams to improve the browser and system performance.

5. BrowserStack


BrowserStack is one of the best Playwright alternatives you can switch to. This tool has been a cult favorite of developers and coders for quite some time. When it comes to cross-browser testing, no one can beat BrowserStack.

This is also a great tool for work-from-home employees who prefer using without the actual devices. Built with a Selenium grid, this automation tool has made modern web testing a completely different experience.

You don’t have to worry about flaky tests anymore with this tool, as it aims at providing the best test results.

Playwright vs BrowserStack – Which One Shows Better Cross-Browser Web Automation?

BrowserStack is a better alternative for Playwright, considering the test coverage and amazing web interface.

Playwright only works with cross-browser testing, while BrowserStack can cover multiple browsers. It also comes with a cloud-based access, unlike Playwright, and is considered a Selenium compatible tool. BrowserStack also supports manual and functional testing, which is not possible with Playwright.

  • Our Experience

We were highly impressed with some of the features of BrowserStack. Especially, the number of tests you can conduct with this platform is practically insane. The tests yield quicker results, and the accuracy is top-notch. 

Another feature that we liked was the ability to spin up any device in a limited time, starting from mobile, iOS to even Android devices. It’s very easy to use, and you do not need to go through a lot of hurdles to install browsers.

  • Verdict

Overall, this is a great Playwright alternative if your aim is to improve the performance of your real devices and obtain maximum accuracy with your tests.

Which is the Best Playwright Alternative?

Testsigma is the best alternative to Playwright as it is unified, low-code, cloud-based, and AI-driven. You can also customize your test scripts using JAVA. With Testsigma, you can create tests similar to Natural Language. 

Take a look at the table below to understand the detailed comparison between Playwright alternatives,

Final Words

Finding a competent Playwright alternative can help you conduct test execution easily, manage test failure and improve the performance of your browsers and mobile applications.

The best alternative for Playwright from our list is Testsigma because of its good documentation and ability to control Chrome with high-level API. If you want something that will help you ace your software project, Testsigma will be an excellent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Better Playwright alternative?

Ans: Testsigma is the best alternative for The Playwright as it cannot be used with limited coding knowledge & it requires NPM installation as well. But with Testsigma, even non-technical team members can create and execute tests.

2. What is similar to Playwright?

Ans: Since every tool is unique and has advantages and disadvantages, we can’t say which is similar to Playwright. But Testsigma is a better alternative to Playwright since it is a codeless test automation tool.

3. Can you migrate your Playwright data to Testsigma?

Testsigma allows you to migrate tests from different test automation frameworks, including Playwright.

4. Do you have a comparison to other platforms?

Yes, take a quick look at the below pages for a detailed comparison,

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